Choosing Star Rubies Carefully

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These days, the craze for ruby rings is at its all time high and both men and women love to wear these rings. However, many people are there who do not like to wear usual ruby rings and thus continuously search for something new. If you were also looking for unusual ruby rings then buying rings, containing star rubies would be a great choice. Now you must be thinking why the ruby is stone is called star ruby. Well the only reason behind it is shows a star with six rays when exposed to sunlight or spotlight. This happens due to a process called asterism and the demand for such unusual stones is high.

When you move out to buy rings having star rubies you would find that, they are not available in abundance. It is daunting to find perfect blend of color and star like structure in the ring. However, if you manage to find such ruby rings then you would be required to pay more money for it. Well there is no harm paying more money for such unusual ruby rings but you should consider many features while buying the rings.

It is essential to check the length of rubies. Generally, star rubies are small and they are less than 5 carats. In addition, you should check the star pattern formed inside the stone. As mentioned above, the star has six rays and you need to check their presence only. While checking the presence of six rays one should also pay attention to the length of rays. A perfect star ruby stone should have six rays of equal length. If you do not how to check the star pattern then simply, do so by checking it in bright sunlight. The dome of the ring should be on the top and it would be easier to see pattern in ruby rings.

Other factor that must not be overlooked while buying rubies is the cut of the stone. You can find that in every colored gemstone, the cut plays a key role and it should be chosen watchfully. If you want a ring with perfect star pattern then make sure that the stone is cut properly. This is because it enhances the sharpness of star pattern and makes it look even more beautiful.

Color of the ruby rings is other factor that must not be forgotten at any cost.
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Choosing Star Rubies Carefully

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This article was published on 2010/12/09