Designs That Are Most Popular Star Tattoos

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Both males and females like to get inked star tattoos on their bodies. A slight variation in their design, shape and size give them masculinity or feminism. Men and women got evident reasons to love small stars as tattoos.

Meaning of Star Tattoo
Star tattoos carry different meanings for different people. Some individuals may get them inked just to get an improved appearance whereas others may like stars to relate with some significance of their life.

Basic Meaning of Star Tattoos
1. Some of the prime reasons people get star tattoos inked are – to impart the significance of achieving a goal or reaching a target, or might be for some astrological perspective. Stars as tattoos may be a sign of not giving up or may indicate an undying attitude. There also can be representation of a strong determination in some.

2. When the wearer of these tattoos has a strong belief in astronomy, he or she may want create such an impression at places of social gathering.

3. People also adorn these tattoos when they enter a different phase of life. Marriage is a classic example of this. There also can be indications about some following a new path, or adapting some distinct philosophy. Objective in all such cases is to represent a significant change occurred in life.

4. Nautical stars- these stars are very much famous from the olden days. In the ancient times; when the sailors do not have the compasses to know the directions of their ships in the sea, they have strong belief that these nautical stars tattooed on their body guide them through the voyage and help in reaching their destinations. However, nowadays these nautical stars are very much famous as the masculine tattoo. You will commonly find men wearing these nautical stars on their body. Moreover, whenever you ask them the reason behind adorning these nautical stars on their body, they have the same answer that these stars help them in guiding them through their life.

5. Pentagram- pentagram is having an ancient belief. It is very much well recognised and studied by those who learn semiotics or the sign language. This pentagram is the five-point star, which symbolises four different elements of earth. The fifth one pointing upwards signifies soul wherein all these elements are incorporated.

6. Hexagram- Tattoo lovers who strongly believe that there exists an interconnection between the divine and the human adorn hexagram as tattoo.

In other words, right from occult sciences to astrology and from appearance to followership, star tattoos are a rage to be inked. It is obvious that diverse people got their own excuses to have them on their bodies. Another reality that goes well with this tattoo variant is that ‘stars’ have popularized since celebrities have appeared into public with stars inked over their bodies. When stars meet stars, fanatics get an all new reason to go following them!

Looking to the fame they have received, we apparently see even strange designs and vibrancy in star tattoos!

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Designs That Are Most Popular Star Tattoos

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Designs That Are Most Popular Star Tattoos

This article was published on 2013/02/11