How to be a Star Performer

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There are various books and thoughts on this subject, and my personal view is that to be a star performer-one needs internal and external motivation to be able to achieve rock star status.

But largely many people agree that star performers have these 6 traits in common:

1. Initiative- Star performers think of new ideas or new ways to accomplish things. But they are not limited to ideas alone, they see the projecxt to it's logical end. So, if one can go beyond the written job responsibilities and bring in new ideas and work on them to make them a reality that's commendable. In many situations one's boss may be the one who brings in new ideas-in ties circumstances, one's enthusiasm and initiative to take that idea to execution or use that idea in accomplishing existing tasks can define the initiate level of people

2. Friendliness- You don't have to show this off! Being friendly also means being kind and empathetic towards others. You may be a great networker but may not be a great friend. So one needs to inculcate this trait of feeling genuinely empathetic towards others

3. Participativeness-  Participate in organizational cultural or work related meets. Participate in any form - as someone who can contribute or come one who attends. Give feedback after participation to one's bosses on how helpful this has been. Congratulate and motivate organizers of the meet-ups.

4. Knowledge- No substitute for this. Keep yourself updated and remember knowledge is a lifelong commitment- no one's an expert, everyone is a learner including yourself.

5. Self-confidence- have confidence in yourself. Each person is unique and as said earlier no one is an expert. You don't have to be arrogant. Be self assured and believe in your abilities. As a boss this quality will help you guide your juniors, and as a junior this will help you in accomplish seemingly unachievable tasks

6. Image- Poeple like well groomed person. Focus on your posture and speaking clearly.

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How to be a Star Performer

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This article was published on 2010/12/20