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Solar water heater industry is facing a low threshold, the standard deletion, homogeneous competition, bad money drives out good money and other status of competition between businesses to focus on advertising communication, including a request that the image of spokesmen, such as the proposed conceptual advertising appeals, such as the optimal combination of running the media and so on, want to spread through the advertising caused the attention of consumers, but the advertising communication process, many companies know that "half my advertising dollars wasted, but I do not know the waste which half. "Yes ah, advertising costs are wasted in what place? If the ad makes optimal effect? I solar water heater industry through training and consultation survey, combined with their practical work in the marketing experience, realize some of these doorways.

1, Who endorsement for your product?

Solar energy industry since 2003, invited Wong Ming Yang Yang, 100 million can be requested for the product image small TAO spokesman, corporations have "your Changba me play," such as Fan Bingbing per liter for the solar energy brand endorsement; Mu Tianjiao four iron posts for the Beijing Solar endorsement; with "Monkey King," said Liu Xiao Ling-tung endorsement Temple solar energy; table tennis men's Olympic champion Chen? to Sangxia solar endorsement; "Criminal Hui Na endorsement Tin Fung", etc. etc., want to improve the image through endorsements and sales, but every coin has two sides, celebrity endorsements will be getting burned bad choice. The author believes that solar water heater business to find voice, it is necessary to "perfect match", brand and product good fit with the star, the star's age to coincide with the target audience, product positioning, the target market is different from the spread of consumers are different , star choice can not produce a generation gap, otherwise it will reduce the effectiveness of advertising communication, and even lead to consumers bored; second is scheduled to star to look at competitors, if the competitors to find a Jackie Chan, Jet Li, you can only find if you look for element Biao, tells the consumer you to die, some people say As to such comparisons it? Of course, this is market competition, again, and look worse, your dealer will not necessarily agree, in fact, enterprises are often forced to dealer pressure only to find the stars; Third, Jiyong star unstable behavior , the star can not be misconduct, scandal can not be used with caution constant star, the star of unstable behavior can not Jiyong, once the public character of the star cast doubt inevitably implicated by the agency brands, such as Zhao Wei successive outbreaks in previous years, "the Japanese military flag event, "" kick pregnant women affair ", her endorsement of Amoi mobile phone sales are also declining rapidly; 4 to match the star's public image and pay attention to my actual image, the choice of brand ambassador must be taken into account brand awareness, reputation, loyalty and brand association, brand voice in the choice of when, not only consider the popular star, but also the image of the brand meaning consistent with the star, otherwise it will reduce the brand's reputation and brand association, and creative production to do, as some invited big star, but do not want to spend some money to do so creative production, which is like buying pork on the good but do not want to buy a little Congjiang, good cooks do not want to please, it will affect the endorsement of effect; 5 is the number of brands should not be more than celebrity endorsements, endorsement of the product line needs and the overall image of stars, can not speak for the industry at the same time the different brands, but also pay attention to the brand that arise between different sectors negative impact; 6 is to be broadcast at any time after Track Star News, commercials to be broadcast at any time concerned about the star's business activities, new work and health status of film and television for companies to take immediate measures, such as the famous comedian Gao Xiumin's death, her endorsements Longliqi ads selected in the first time to take down the ad, in addition, once the star vicious incident to the brand image and advertising enterprises should make timely adjustments. In short, solar energy companies choose celebrity endorsement, need to be considered in the match, champion and promote excellence is still a lively brand image? Is a single product endorsements or the whole enterprise endorsement? Need to use through the star, with a place to have a good meeting point, not to allow the consumer to remember the stars, forget the product, not only to win the attention, but also to win the market; as in star songs, videos, etc. in fusion products, maximizing the value of celebrity endorsements to play.

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Solar Water Heater Industry

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This article was published on 2010/10/15