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They have done it! Hollywood released a new Star Trek that is a prequel to all your favorite Star Trek movies. With such stars like: Zachary Quinto (Spock) and Chris Pine (Kirk) taking the roles, it has been a hit in the movie theaters for many months. Since its release in May 2009, Star Trek fans have drooled over the special effects that have made the movie what it is. Not to mention the wonderful acting from the two lead characters. Now that it has been released for a while, a DVD release is set for November 2009.
Star Trek has been famous for many years. Wih the release of the prequel of all films, fans around the world were excited to see the characters once again on the big screen. The cast of original have congratulated the new cast on portraying their characters in a professional manner and not go over the top. In some movies where there is a remake, the new actors tend to do this sort of thing. Everything was made sure that they stuck to the personalities of the previous actors.

The synopsis of the newly rebooted Star Trek is that it takes place at the time of James Kirk's dad is under attack by a Romulan ship. The survivors of the ship escaped along with infant James Kirk. He grows up to be a reckless boy and is convinced that he should join the Star Fleet. He meets a wide variety of favorites and is introduced into the fleet and advances quickly. The Romulan ship captained by the same guy, Nero which destroyed the last enterprise, returns and it is up to Kirk and his crew to stop him.

Fans were a little scared when they heard that it was going to be a prequel based on the first episode of Star Wars getting such bad ratings. But these thoughts were immediately silenced when the special effects and amazing story line were introduced to the world. Star Trek fans were amazed that the characters were exact like the ones previous and that the storyline fit so well with the rest of the movies.

With the release of the DVD in November,the creators are going to see another million of dollars coming their way. With enhancements on the DVD with special features and other goodies, Trekies can have hours of fun when it comes into their homes. With the fan base that Star Trek has, it is no wonder that it is going to be a hit once again.

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Star Trek 2009

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This article was published on 2010/03/27