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You can't tell me that Star Trek with its original series that was first shown on TV screens in black and white over 40 years ago isn't on to something. There has been a new movie release in May 2009. What is even more amazing are the people who grew up with the series, these are the same people who are now taking their children/grandchildren to the movies. With Star Trek phenomenon I can see that this will go on for perhaps another 40 years!

Star Trek is a show to which the whole family can relate whether it's Voyager, Deep Space Nine or the original series. Fans of Star Trek are eager to become their favourite characters and costumes are a fun and affordable way to entertain those kids. Not just for Halloween anymore, costumes are a great way for kids to act out their favourite movie and television scenes or make up their own stories.

Star Trek t-shirts worn by crew in the first Star Trek series were red, gold or blue in color. The red t shirts were the attire of the star ship command officers, gold t shirts were the apparel of crew in engineering, operations and security personnel, and blue t shirts were the uniform of science and medicine crew members. These are great Halloween costumes.

* Red Shirts: This particular top became famous as the uniform shirt for security officers.

* Science & Medical: The officers of the science and medicine departments were known to wear blue shirts in both the original TV series and in the film. (Light blue in the series and darker blue in the movie.)

* Command & Helm: Even though the shirts were officially green, they looked gold or beige on the screen.

Maybe your preference is for the original Star Trek series in which case you can choose one of the costumes from that early series. Just pick the right color of shirt and a pair of black pants and you have the basic components of your costume. If your preference runs to one of the later Star Trek series, or one of the movies, you can obtain costumes from any of these also at online costume suppliers.

A variety of Star Trek accessories can be purchased to add to the realistic appearance of the Spock uniform, and these accessories will add greatly to the costume. You can have vinyl plastic Spock ears which will neatly fit over your ears. Star Trek Phaser guns are certainly very realistic and look decidedly deadly. Also available are electronic communicators and the lately added Tricorder which add much to Star Trek uniforms.

Which series did you like the most? Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation, Voyager, or The Original Series. Which costume should you choose?

Whether you're headed to Comic Con, a Halloween costume party, or a science fiction convention, there are Star Trek costumes that is just for you. Star Trek outfits and uniforms come in many colors and sizes for you to choose from.

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Star Trek Costume

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This article was published on 2010/11/21