The Glamour of Film Star Autographs

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In earlier days and when the collecting of autographs was an unsophisticated hobby; fans of the stars travelled large distances and waited many hours in the hope of getting that precious signature from their idol. It was a never to be forgotten brief contact and a share of the glamour, which stayed with a fan, perhaps for the rest of their life.


However, in this technological age, the obtaining of authentic film star autographs is an entirely different concept. The Internet especially, has opened a whole new perspective for a collector and an innocent, enjoyable hobby has now become a potential business opportunity for any one!


The Internet will provide you with the opportunity to research and visit Memorabilia sites that offer an authentic and wide range of film star autographs; as well as an interesting journey into the world of past and present stars of the "Silver Screen". It may also be regarded as a saving of your time and a lot of hard work! You will have access to a large source of established and recognized archives, which are vital to your ability to trade autographs. Added to this, you will be able to view and obtain historical signatures, generally now no longer available on a personal basis.


Many of the websites you will encounter are able to provide collectors with a range of autographs that have been obtained by them directly from the celebrity. An alternative means of collection may be by way of a reputable auction house, specializing in authentic memorabilia. For you as a collector, the provision of a certificate of authentication will give additional peace of mind.


The monetary value of film star autographs may vary considerably in the price charged; due partly to whom the star is the condition of the autograph and the material on which it is signed. Experts within the industry quote a rule of thumb valuation method, as autographs of seasoned actors and actresses are probably positioned in the upper section of a market valuation. However, as autograph collections continue to increase in value; many Memorabilia sites now offer a valuation service, with some prepared to purchase collections from genuine sellers.


Part of being a serious collector of film star autographs, is being aware of concerns related to the purchasing of autographs that are claimed to be authentic. It is generally accepted and recognized that some claims made relative to autographs are false. This is why it is important that you research any selected site thoroughly and establish their reputation in the industry. Beware of offers that appear absolutely too good to reject!


Consider how valuable to you the autograph of a favourite star is and what you would be willing to pay. It is usually a bad mistake to base your purchase on what you can obtain at the cheapest price. Compare prices offered by various and genuine sellers. This will provide you with the ability, to gain a realistic assessment of what is a fair and reasonable price for particular autographs.


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The Glamour of Film Star Autographs

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This article was published on 2011/01/05